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Updated November 28, 2023 12:12pm


All Hudson Link fares include free transfers for within the HL system. Connected systems are $1.00.


Transfers between Hudson Link Buses traveling in the same direction (East or West)

Valid for 2 hours after the initial ticket purchase / use. (White Transfer)

The myGoMobile App will provide connection information to the following regional transit operators:
MTA System (LIRR, Subway, Bus, Metro North, etc), Westchester, White Plains, Rockland County, and BeeLine.

Transfers are available with the following regional transportation operators:


Transfer Fee
to Transport of Rockland (TOR), Clarkstown Mini Trans, Westchester County Bee-line, I-Bus, and CT Transit systems.

(Blue Transfer)

Transfers purchased at the ticket vending machine are valid for 2 hours after purchase. Transfers purchased on the myGoMobile app are valid for 2 hours after activation of the ticket. All transfers must be purchased at the time of the ticket purchase.

Seniors / Disabled Transfer Fee
to / from Transport of Rockland (TOR), Clarkstown Mini Trans, and Westchester County Bee-line systems

Requires valid ID:

  • Medicare Card
  • Rockland County Reduced Fare Resident Card
  • Proof of age over 60