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Updated May 30, 2024 9:10am

Safety and Security

When our customers get onto our buses, they are entrusting Hudson Link with their personal safety. We take that responsibility seriously. Safely moving our riders is our most important task. All Hudson Link bus operators undergo rigorous safety training before they are allowed in the driver’s seat. Safety and customer service training remains ongoing throughout their careers.

Safety on Buses

When riders are injured on one of our vehicles, the injuries normally are a result of stumbling, slipping, or falling. Help us make your ride a safe one.

Security on Buses

If you see something dangerous or even suspicious on the Hudson Link system, please tell the vehicle operator or call 911. Keep an eye out for unattended bags at stops or on vehicles and for people acting oddly or suspiciously.

Hudson Link does not have to allow disrespectful or unruly people to ride the system. If someone is acting intoxicated or in an unsafe manner, discreetly tell the operator and return to your seat. The vehicle driver is trained to know what to do in such situations. He or she may call a dispatcher, the police, or an ambulance on a case-by-case basis.

Courtesy on Buses

An important part of safety is being courteous to others sharing the ride with you.